Content marketing service for real estate

Build trust and confidence through your website

More and more people are using the internet to research the process of buying and selling a house, not just looking for properties. Generally, people buy or sell a house every 3 to 7 years – it is not something they do every single day, like you do. Your reputation and opportunity to portray trust and confidence happens well before people pick up the phone to ask you for a market appraisal of their home. People crave information in order to educate themselves on making the right decision to sell their home, with the right agent.

If your website and email communications are only about your listings and recent sales, you are missing out on building trust and confidence with a potential vendor at this crucial stage. In order to show integrity and reliability, challenge the perceptions of what a real estate agent is and start providing information and offering insights into the process of buying and selling homes, as well as projecting your personal brand as an authority in your local market.

Content marketing for real estate

Content marketing is using relevant and engaging content (like articles) to build trust amongst buyers and sellers so that they choose the services you offer. If you are educating and informing people who arrive at your website, then you are engaging potential clients in conversations about experiences; nurturing them along a journey towards becoming a client whilst proving the value you bring, building a long term relationship.

However, the likely reality is that you are too busy or struggle to come up with the content regularly – after all, listing and selling real estate is your business, not creating content. That’s where Partica can help by supplying the content you need on a weekly and monthly basis. Content is our business.

Partica is the home of the best magazine quality, pre-written real estate articles available anywhere online. Content in Partica has been sourced from reputable print publishers and real estate journalists, so our content is edited, fact-checked and written to be read by your clients, not by the Google SEO bot. You can browse, purchase and download articles for use in your marketing, and to save you time, we have created Core Content Packages and a Content Subscription Service for real estate agents.

Articles for content marketing

Why buy real estate articles from Partica? The short answer is that it saves you time and money. It is far easier to edit an existing article to suit your audience and message than it is to write an article from scratch. If you subscribe to our curated or tailored packages then you essentially get a content plan and you can simply cut and paste each month. Your time is better spent working on your business, not writing articles. 

You may think that you could hire a low cost writer to write your content for you, however, by the time you write a brief, find a writer, go through revisions – assuming what you get back doesn’t need you to re-write it, you have already spent more time and money than you would have getting articles from Partica. If you had to employ the same writers as we do to get this content, you would be paying over $500 per article. 

These are the benefits of using articles from Partica:

  • High quality – fact checked, edited, proofed articles, sourced from printed publications and the journalists who write for them. A lot of the articles have been specifically written for this service.
  • Speed – you can download, edit (if you feel it’s needed) and publish your article in minutes.
  • Images are included – most articles come with an image.
  • Flexibility – the Partica license is unrestricted – you get to keep the article forever, use it however you want – online or in print, make any changes to make it unique.
  • Supporting Journalism – we support the journalists who have written this content by providing this platform for free to store as much of their articles as they like, at the same time providing a marketplace for them to earn more revenue from their content. We are not operating a content mill devaluing the work that writers produce.
  • Real company, real people – Partica has been developed and is run by Realview, a company with over two decades of experience with content and digital publishing.

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