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“Every real estate agent should be a media company”

The one thing that all attraction agents do, is content marketing.

The problem is most people find that consistently writing good content, is hard.

Partica has 1000s of real estate and lifestyle articles written by real estate writers ready to copy and paste into your social media marketing, emails, newsletters, flyers, website and blogs.

Choose your own content

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How to choose your own content

1. Search

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Browse 1000s of real estate, lifestyle and local articles written by our team of writers. Preview the full text and images of every article so you can buy with confidence.

2. Download

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As soon as you purchase your articles, they are available for use in your website, blog or newsletters – print and online. Download or push them into your website or CMS. 

3. Adapt


Make any changes you like, or our real estate writers can do it for you. For regular unique articles, subscribe to one of our content streams, curated just for you.

Too busy to search for content?

Subscribe to a content stream and get hand picked, curated content delivered every month.

What is a real estate content stream?

Each month, our real estate content experts select and curate articles from the Partica content marketplace for you to use in your email newsletters, websites, blogs and marketing materials. These articles are automatically available to you ready for download, or to paste into your website, newsletters, an email or your blog. There are many streams and our content experts will work with you to determine which stream is right for you.

Current and trending hot articles

Impress your audience with current news and trends as and when they happen.

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Partica can help you become “my agent” before clients need an agent, so when they do, you are “their agent”.

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