Partica Help & FAQs

How to search and find the content you need for your websites, newsletters, emails and blogs.

Searching for articles

If you enter multiple keywords in a search, articles that contain any of the keywords will be returned.

If you don’t enter any keywords, all articles will be returned.


property investment
will return all articles that contain property OR investment.

property AND investment
Will return articles that contain both the words property and investment. You can also use + notation to perform the same: +property +investment

property NOT investment
Will return articles that contain the word property but not the word investment.

“property investment”
Will return articles that contain the exact phrase property investment.

Please note: AND and NOT need to be in capital letters.

You can use * as a wildcard – for example: book*  will return bookmark, bookshelf, booking etc.

Refining your search

The search is performed on the title, abstract, subtitle, contributors and body of the articles.

Articles that have your search terms in the title, subtitle or abstract rank higher. Results are returned in order of relevance unless you do not specify any keywords at all, in which case they are ordered by latest.

Once you have performed a search, you can refine the results by clicking the options in the refine sidebar.

You can refine by category, keyword, price and word count.

Click on the selection again to clear the refinement.

Browsing and reading articles

Finding the perfect real estate articles on is easy.

Simply start your search via this link that will take you straight to real estate related articles.

Clicking on the article image or headline will open the article for you to read. The complete article is available to read before purchase. 

Purchasing articles

When you are ready to purchase an article, simply add the article to your shopping cart and proceed to check out in order to complete your purchase.

You will need to create your own free Partica account and add your credit card details for payment to complete your order and download your article.

In the case of free articles, you will not be required to add payment details to download your article. Simply create your free Partica account, add the article to your shopping cart and check out.

You can use your shopping cart to save articles you are interested in. You will have the opportunity to review all articles in your cart before you complete your purchase.

Downloading articles

Once you have purchased articles they will be available immediately in ‘My Articles’.  Each article comes with an included image/s that you can save onto your Desktop.

You now have several options in order to copy the article text to paste into your website blog, email newsletter or social media.

  1.  Click on the article summary to open the full article. Highlight and copy the text directly from the article and paste it into your blog post, email newsletter etc. 
  2. Click on the “download bundle” icon to download the entire article as a zip file. When you download the zip file, inside is:

    • Plain text version of the article
    • HTML version of the article
    • Original high-resolution images
    • 1200px wide images 
  3.  Click on “Copy text to clipboard” to paste a text version of the article into your blog, email, etc
  4.  Click on “Copy HTML to clipboard” to paste a HTML formatted version of the article into your blog, email, etc
  5.  Click on “View on website” to view the full article hosted on a Google AMP link. You can use the unique link in your emails, blogs or social media posts. This option is great if you don’t have your own website.

Frequently asked questions

What is Partica?

Partica is a Content Marketplace where you can search and buy pre-written articles which you can then adapt for your own use. The name Partica comes from “part-of-an-article”.

Why should I buy an article from Partica?

Purchasing a pre-written article from Partica saves you time and money. You can easily search for an article that suits you, and in just a few moments download the article and modify it for your intended use.

What can I use the articles for?

There are no restrictions on most articles, you are free to use them for your own purposes – even commercially. You can use them on your website, in a blog, posted on social media, in an email, published in a magazine, for content marketing purposes, or in a printed brochure. You can add your branding message and a call to action that relates to your local market.

Do I own the article after purchase?

When you pay for an article through Partica, you are purchasing a license to use that article. You are not purchasing ownership or copyright, you are getting a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use the article for your own purposes. In most cases, you also get the rights to use the images that come with the article.

How long can I use the article?

There is no expiry or end date on articles you purchase. You can use the articles in perpetuity – even if you close down your Partica account.

Can I modify the article?

Yes, for articles that are licensed under the Partica standard license, you can make any changes to the article to suit your purposes including adding, deleting or changing the paragraphs, including commercial information such as your brand or a call to action. You cannot make changes that would be considered unlawful such as defamatory or immoral statements.

Can I resell the article?

You are not permitted to resell an article you have downloaded on Partica or any other marketplace even if you have substantially changed it. You have a license to use the content, you do not own the rights to the content itself.

Do I have to credit the original author?

Under the Partica standard license, you are not required to credit the author, although it may make sense to do so in some cases. Some content is written in the first person and a lot of writers on Partica are well respected in their fields so in these instances it would be beneficial to keep the name of the author on the article (called ‘attribution’). One of the benefits of purchasing articles to use through Partica is your ability to use them to build your authority on a particular subject.

Do I have to provide a link to the original content?

Not all content in Partica originated from an online source, so there is no requirement to provide a link for any articles unless it is expressly required as part of the license terms. The standard Partica license does not require links. As an authority on your subject, the last thing you want to do is send your readers to someone else’s website to read about your subject matter.

What if someone else has purchased the same article?

Because all articles are able to be edited to reflect your brand, tone and local market, your articles will be unique to you. So if someone else purchases the same article, they will most likely edit the article to suit their purposes and it will be different to yours.

Can I share my article with another agent in my office?

If you have purchased the article, you are the one who should be using it for your own purposes. Recommend your colleague purchase their own article so they can create their own unique article.

Where do I go for help?

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help purchasing or downloading articles. 

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! Please contact us to find out more about our referral program.