Subscription Pricing Levels

Choose content and editing services to suit you and your Agency

Content Subscriptions are a great way to provide you with fresh content each month that are aligned to your content marketing goals.

Your subscription can be customised based on the number of articles and the level of editing you might need. You will receive professionally written articles ready to publish in your website blog, email newsletters, social media posts, printed newsletters – basically, anywhere you need content.

There are three subscription levels, depending on how much editing you need from our writer services: Standard, Plus and Pro.

Subscription levels

Our Standard Subscription is for content only. Our writers will choose and deliver unedited content to suit you each month. You can edit the articles with your own commentary to suit your clients.

The Plus Subscription includes tailoring the articles to you, your agency name and location, such as your key suburbs and regions. This is a simple and cost effective way to have content ready for you to use immediately.

The Pro Subscription is like having your own writer, only at a fraction of the price you would normally pay. The Pro Subscription includes an initial content briefing with your writer to discuss:

  • the brand and tone of your articles
  • how your articles will be edited to drive SEO
  • a quarterly review with your writer to assess and plan future content

With this level of tailoring you can expect a unique article, complete with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter teasers for your social media platforms.

Subscription Pricing

Full Content Licence

Publish any Partica articles in your Agency website blogs, social media, emails and even print platforms.


2 (min)

4 *


















* Recommend 4 articles per month
All pricing is ex GST

Multi Seat Licence

Our multi seat content licence means agents in your office can also use the same content in their own emails, newsletters, blogs etc. It’s a great solution for larger offices.

Simply add an extra $10 +GST per agent in your office and your agents will be able to use the same content in their own personal emails, newsletters, blogs etc.

Agents who want to have their own content different to the Agency content are are able to purchase their own Partica content subscription.

Corporate Content Licence

Partica offers a corporate content licence for Head Offices to provide each of their offices with consistent and professionally written content.

Corporate Head Offices can either utilise our Shared Subscription or Private Content Library options depending on their content marketing goals and marketing budget.

Make sure you contact us to discuss the best solution for your corporate group.

Subscription level examples

Content example

To demonstrate the differences between the our subscription levels, we have selected an article that one of our writers has edited for both the Plus and Pro Subscription levels.

Keep in mind that the actual article you receive may look different depending on the discussions with your writer.

Download the PDF here: generic – plus – pro example article.

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